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We offer a tailored service to businesses and individuals who need to create a strong and consistent online presence

Proven production process

wordpress theme and we enhance your visual identity

Fine Tuning

proximity between speakers allows us to respond faithfully to your requests.


The proximity between speakers allows us to respond faithfully to your requests. We will investigate the message (content) you want to communicate and your visual identity.

we enhance your visual identity


We assist you in the choice of a wordpress theme and we enhance your visual identity, transferring the colors and fonts we have defined together.

We use experienced developers with whom we work regularly.


For a beautiful animation in a home page or menu. We use experienced developers with whom we work regularly.

Visible on all supports

It is now easier than ever to make your website responsive. During development, we switch between desktop, mobile and tablet previews and adjust the design for each device.

At a glance

The visual identity of a company is not limited to the logotype alone but is expressed by a choice of shapes, colours, typographies, pictograms, and various elements composing the graphic universe of the brand, coherently adjusted on all the media used for communication.

A strong visual identity for each field

A strong visual identity for each field




Rethink the way you communicate

Videos generate millions of views, video is THE medium of external and internal communication.

We create and publish your videos on the web.

Our latest Web projects

Schmidt & Associés Avocats

Située en plein cœur de Genève, l’Etude Schmidt & Associés exerce principalement une activité judiciaire variée.

Les compétences complémentaires des différents associés de l’Etude permettent de proposer des conseils avisés à leurs clients dans de très nombreux domaines du droit.

Nos avocats se tiennent à votre disposition pour tous renseignements complémentaires..

Physiothérapie Cornavin

The Cabinet Physiothérapie Cornavin welcomes you at the Geneva Cornavin train station in a dynamic environment accessible to handicapped patients.

Inner You Pilates

More than just physical activity, Pilates is a philosophy of life. It’s a search for physical well-being and the positive impact that MOVEMENT can have on the mind!

Platforme de réservation

Aller au travail à vélo, c’est bon pour la santé, écolo et rapide


Le studio TERRA MOVE “retour à l’équilibre” est dédié au mouvement et à l’approche naturelle de la santé physique et mentale, pour vous aider à atteindre Equilibre et Mobilité. Du matériels dédiés à chaque activités ainsi que trois cabines de massage pour les thérapies alternatives sont mis à votre disposition.


Share the passion of cycling with the Club Cyclo & Loisirs

Our Club  organises cbrevets, with marked trails to follow alone or in groups. Food and drinks are supplied half way by our volunteers. Members and non-members are welcome.


mamah est le projet d’une sage-femme et mère de famille qui a déjà accompagné plus de 250 femmes et couples dans la préparation à la naissance de leurs enfants grâce à l’hypnose.


Our partners are exclusively companies and freelancers established in Switzerland.

Switzerland stands for reliability and neutrality and is internationally recognised for its discretion and the quality of its services.

With the Swiss Data Protection Act we can ensure complete confidentiality for both companies and individuals.

Servers are powered by renewable energy in Switzerland’s most green data center with redundancy et Security foolproof.