Digital Permanence

Online without travel restrictions or at our office we accompany you in your computer requests, all in a warm and pleasant atmosphere. The Digital Permanence is intended to provide support and answers that you would look for in the digital world.


Experience has taught us that for a project to be successful, preparation is essential

7/7 jours


Manager of your IT projects, we manage the supplier panel, place orders and ensure compliance with the commissioning deadline.
With a single contact, you quickly put your business IT up to date. level.

IT maintenance: a precious insurance

Keeping the computer system in the best possible condition is an undeniable necessity. We intervene for the most benign problems up to the most serious disasters.


Our main concern when you encounter a computer problem is to intervene as soon as possible . Our goal is for you to feel supported.

Stay at home!

We come to your home or place of work for the delivery of equipment or for IT support.

We cannot repeat it enough: BACKUP!

Setting up a backup system on Disk Extern, NAS, Server, Cloud

Support Multi -platforme

PC      MAC     iPhone      iPad

Windows     MacOS     iOS